The Sword in Britain – An Illustrated History – Volume One 1600-1700


 The Sword in Britain

An Illustrated History

Volume One 1600-1700

by Harvey J S Withers

Here is Volume One of a new and exciting four-part series that I am producing on the history of the military and civilian sword in Britain from 1600-1700.


The sword in the 17th Century is a fascinating area of interest and study for the collector, enthusiast and student of history as it is during this important historical period that we see the growth of a wide range of differing sword types, ranging from the gentleman’s rapier and smallsword to the short-bladed hunting hanger, carried by both hunters and naval officers of the bourgeoning Royal Navy.  It was also the period when we see the development of the basket-hilted broadsword, most notably in Scotland, although its origins are both German and English.  Famous sword types included the so-called English “Mortuary Sword”, the Hounslow Hanger and the German Pappenheimer hilt.  All these swords are featured in the book.

This is an extensive and unique work that contains well over 900 full colour photographs and illustrations of the swords carried within Britain during the 17th Century.  Included in the books are the following sword types:


Sample Pages of the Book

Here are some sample pages below.

Book Details

The book length is 180 pages and the volume is bound with a laminated, hardback cover.  Each book is packed into a purpose-made cardboard box.

Author Signed Copies

I would be delighted to personally sign and dedicate copies of the book.  If you want me to sign the book please let me know.

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Published by Harvey Withers Military Publishing.