World Swords 1400-1945. An Illustrated Price Guide for Collectors

World Swords by Harvey WithersWorld Swords 1400-1945.  An Illustrated Price Guide for Collectors

by Harvey J S Withers

This is an excellent and unique full colour reference book and price guide, ideally suited for the collector of antique swords.

Over 2000 full colour photographs

This book contains over 2000 full colour photographs together with accurate descriptions and the current market value.  The value of each sword  is represented both in US dollars and UK Pounds Sterling.

This is truly an essential aid when identifying and valuing your antique swords.

There are also comprehensive sections detailing the historical background for particular sword types and essential tips for collecting. Categories include:

  • Care and Preservation of Antique Swords
  • Sword Bibliography
  • Infantry Swords
  • Naval Swords
  • Cavalry Swords
  • Hunting Swords
  • Japanese Swords
  • Smallswords

Here are some sample pages below.

There is a unique foreword by the late Professor Richard Holmes.  Mr Holmes was a renowned British military historian who had an extensive television career and authored numerous military books, specialising in the British Army.


“This beautifully produced volume…wide-ranging and eclectic work cataloguing a large selection of swords dating from medieval times to the demise of the sword as a combat weapon…gives the generalist the knowledge and confidence to identify and know the value of any commonly encountered sword…”

Classic Arms and Militaria Magazine

“Almost 300 pages of colourful photographs and informative text…is an entry level guide which also serves as a source of reference to the more experienced collector…”

 The Armourer Magazine

 “I am delighted to write the Foreword…because it gives a broad introduction to the types of swords that one might might find in the marketplace…”

Professor Richard Holmes

This is a heavyweight book (1.5kgs) printed to the highest standard. The book length is 300 pages and it is printed on high quality 130gsm satin paper with a laminated hardback cover.

Autographed Copies

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Published by Harvey Withers Military Publishing