The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knives, Swords, Spears and Daggers

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knives, Swords, Spears and Daggers 

by Harvey J S Withers

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Since sharpened tools emerged, edged weapons have played an incredible role in the shaping of human history.  As well as being deadly weapons of war, they were used in the hunt for food, to battle for honour and in wars.

Elaborately decorated and imbued with countless myths, it is little wonder that these weapons have become some of history’s most powerful status symbols.

History of knives, daggers, bayonets, swords, sabres and lances

This comprehensive encyclopedia traces the fascinating history of knives, daggers, bayonets, swords, sabres and lances, from their Palaeolithic origins through to the 21st Century.  It explores the dagger’s role as an essential companion during  battle and civilian life, the apogee of the sword as a battle weapon, the world of the medieval knights and crusaders, and the Middle Eastern armies they fought.  Weapons from around the world are examined, such as the decorated daggers of Persia and the exquisite knives of Japan.

Featuring 750 examples of sharp-edged weapons

The directory is a superb pictorial guide featuring 750 examples of sharp-edged weapons.  It describes the origins, capabilities and specifications of each one, from the polearms and daggers of medieval Europe and the cavalry sabres of the 17th Century to the swords of the Russian empire and the classic commando knives of World War II.

With 1500 photographs and illustrations, and written by leading experts in the field, this beautiful guide is an indispensable resource for the serious collector and amateur enthusiast alike, and will fascinate anyone with an interest in historical weapons.

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