The Pictorial History of the Sword

The Pictorial History of the Sword  

by Harvey J S Withers

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From the first flint spearheads to modern Olympic fencing, edged weapons have played an important part in the shaping of human history.  These include not only the deadly blades of war but also those used in hunting, as badges of rank and honour, and as the ultimate fashion accessory.

This beautifully illustrated book traces the history of swords, spears and lances to the 21st Century.  From the Palaeolithic origins and the appearance of the first swords in Bronze Age Europe and Mesopotamia, it describes how these edged weapons were used to establish and maintain some of the greatest civilizations in the world.

Development of the Sword

After studying the development of the sword as a weapon of war in ancient and classical times, the book moves on to the Crusades followed by the Renaissance and the Napoleonic eras.  By this time the sword was a powerful status symbol and a deadly duelling weapon, but it was still also the most common weapon on the battlefield.  This continued until the end of the 19th Century, when warfare became almost entirely based on long-range artillery and accurate small arms.

With sections on the sword in Japanese, Chinese, African and Indian cultures, and an examination of the American sword and naval swords, this book presents a broad-ranging work on edged weapons of all types.  The informative text, with over 230 illustrations, forms an indispensable resource for all enthusiasts.

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